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Social Responsibility

Our company understands successful business not only as maximising sales and profit, but also as recognising the importance of our responsibility towards the society and environment. Therefore, we daily focus on four crucial elements: our relationship with employees, community, marketplace and environment.

Social Responsibility


We employ 70 people, among which a quarter has higher education or university degree in engineering and technology. High qualified staff, its devotion and desire for knowledge and progress ensures sustained development and quality of modern technological systems.

Employees who have one-hundred-percent ownership stake in the company work as a well-coordinated and collaborated team. For a positive work environment and well-being of the employees the company is committed to:

  • ensure employee-friendly workplace for every single employee
  • provide good communication and information flow
  • stimulate individual creativity and intellectual growth
  • sustain and improve mental and physical health by organising trips and sport activities (picnics, afternoon activities, multi-day trips …)


We recognise the importance of reducing environmental impact and are guided by principles of sustainability. The company’s business minimally affects the environment and it contributes to preservation of natural environment. We understand that we affect the environment not only by our production, but also by our employees and other stakeholders, therefore we are committed to:

  • actively decrease the consumption of resources (water, energy, materials etc.)
  • minimize carbon footprint (using alternative energy, optimisation of logistics, modernisation of fleet vehicles)
  • reduce and recycle waste
  • reduce noise to minimum by careful planning and organisation

We believe that positive changes can be achieved not only by everlasting commitment to environmental protection, but also by raising awareness and changing attitude of every single stakeholder.


We are committed to be an active member of our community by not only providing our services and products, but also by contributing to improvement of people’s lifestyles and social health. Our concern is to minimise the negative effects of our presence in local community by reducing noise and cultivating our environment. We also understand that as an employer we are responsible to provide stable jobs and healthy workplace. We try to help by donating to charity organisations. We also focus on sponsorship, e.g. since 2019 we are official scale supplier for Slovenian Judo Federation.

Judo Association of Slovenia


As a company we are also responsible for ensuring and sustaining reliable and fair relationship with our customers and suppliers. We are committed to provide the best service to our customers and partners by consulting and finding the optimal solution. We work in close partnership with other suppliers and have our own support team that guarantees fast and quality service to every single customer.

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