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Hybrid Palletisers for Bags

Libela Elsi has many years of experience in automatized packaging and palletising for different types of materials. All solutions are adapted for various industries, such as food, chemicals, feed, etc. Robotic palletising systems include the best quality ABB and KUKA robots. Grippers are manufactured in-house and are designed for the needs of every individual project. Additional functions of the grippers can achieve optimally stacked packaging on a pallet. The entire palletising system includes: checkweigher, flattening bag conveyor, robot with a gripper, device for depositing slip sheets or plastic foil on a pallet, transport system, stretch wrappers and labelling machine.


upgrade to robotic palletisers, when higher capacities are required for more complex bags or when bags need to be stacked with overlap

combines all qualities of robotic manipulation, such as reliability, speed, precision, and advantages of traditional palletising techniques that form layers by pressing on all sides

robot stacks bags in a layer onto a palletiser plate, where the layer is aligned and lowered onto a pallet

capacity up to 1000 bags/hour


checkweigher for packaging control

bag flattener conveyor

bag stabilizing adhesive

device for depositing slip sheets or plastic foil on a pallet

stretch hood

labelling device or barcode label printer

automatic handling of empty pallets from pallet magazine

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