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Libela Elsi d.o.o., Mass Laboratory is accredited by the Slovenian Accreditation (SA) with accreditation number K-029 in the field of inspection (SIST EN ISO / IEC 17020, type C), for which SA is a signatory to the EA MLA agreement.

It provides verifications according to provision on appointment, issued by Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, and is represented by three digit number of appointed entity ‘MIRS ID 381’, which is decided in provision on appointment.

Slovenian Accreditation

Mass Laboratory performs independently under the entity LIBELA ELSI. It has adequately educated and informed staff, required equipment and performs procedures according to regulation. The inspection body i.e. its staff comply with principles of independence and impartiality.

All measuring instruments that are already in use or are going to be in use have to be verified according to the Metrology Law (‘Official Journal of RS, no. 26/05’).

These measuring instruments are used in the following fields:

  • human and animal health protection;
  • environmental protection and general technical safety;
  • product and service transport;
  • governmental and judicial procedures.

Weighing instruments that need verification are specified in the Metrological Policy (‘Rules of metrological requirements for non-automatic weighing instruments Official journal of RS no. 25/2016’).

According to the Metrology Law the verifications are carried out by the Metrology Institute of RS or authorised legal entity or entrepreneur, i.e. appointed person.

Requirements for appointed persons, procedure of appointment, their duties and control methods of the Metrology Institute of Republic of Slovenia are determined by the Regulation on requirements, procedure of appointment, duties and control of appointed persons in the field of metrology (Official Journal of RS, no. 131/04, 71/06 and 64/08).

Services of Mass Laboratory

Mass Laboratory’s services cover conformity assessment and subsequent verifications of mass instruments – weighers for:

  • Non-automatic weighers – accuracy classes Laboratory Class III and Laboratory Class IIII for all capacities, and accuracy class Laboratory Class II up to 42 kg
  • Automatic weighers of all capacities:
    • Automatic gravimetric filling instruments for packaging
    • Automatic weighers for individual weighing, such as:
      • Automatic control weigher – checkweigher,
      • Automatic weigher with separator,
      • Automatic weigh labeller.
    • Automatic weighers for weighing of road vehicles in movement (subsequent verifications)
  • Weighers for construction purposes (subsequent verifications)
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