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LIBELA ELSI is one of the largest companies in the Southeastern Europe offering different types of automatic and non-automatic weighers, bagging and filling machines and robotic palletisers. By drawing on large breadth of expertise and experiences we guarantee the best solution to every customer. To meet the needs of each customer we work in close partnership with other companies, and our own service and maintenance ensures fast and high-quality support that always strives to ensure immediate problem solving.

Front Entrance Libela Elsi

Presence in region

Paje Radosavljevića 36
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Libela Elsi NS based in Novi Sad, Serbia, was established in 2003 as our local seller of our entire product line with its own service and support team. It has been accredited as an inspection body and is in compliance with requirements of the Standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012.


The origins of the company date back to 1894, when a craft workshop was established. It later developed into factory for manufacturing and servicing of scales. From 1964 to 1992 the company worked under the name LIBELA. After 1992 the company was divided between 9 new companies, one of which was also LIBELA ELSI. In the following years LIBELA ELSI took over some of the services and employees of its sister companies and today works as a modern, market-oriented and technologically advanced company that prolongs more than 120-year-old tradition.

1894 – a workshop for scale repair is established

1907 – production of first weighbridge, which is also a first weigher produced in ex-Yugoslavia

1928 – beginning of production of rail, kitchen, table and body weight scales

1946 – nationalisation of the company, now called Tovarna tehtnic Celje

1952-1960 – development of new products: measuring device with rotating head, automatic railroad scale, mechanic weighing bagger, weighing batch feeder, electromechanical weighing belt feeder; beginning of serial production of kitchen scales

1964 – the company is renamed to LIBELA

1968 – merging with the IFA company

1979 – beginning of utilisation of microcomputer technology; new products: electronic counting scale, postal scale, electronic weighing controller and programmable printer

1982 – production of new electronic counting scale for stores, and application of pneumatics for gas cylinder scales

1988 – beginning of production of weighing controller DPA1000 for controlling of single or multicomponent batch feeding processes; development of new products (automatic weigher for bag filling, automatic feeding device for valve bag placing, automatic device for bag placing and sealing)

1990 – development of new modern weighing controller TPT3

1992 – establishment of 9 new companies that work under the company LIBELA and take over individual services;

LIBELA ELSI as one of the 9 companies takes over development, design and production of electronic weighers and automation

1994 – LIBELA ELSI acquires the LIBELA ITPO’s services and employees

1995 – privatisation of the company – employees have a 100% ownership stake in the company

2000 – acquisition of the LIBELA TRADE SERVIS company, which combines the entire repair and maintenance service

2001 – new weighing controllers TPT6 and TPT5 for non-automatic scales, and DPA3 for automatic weighers

2002 – purchase of commercial building in Opekarniška 2 Street, Celje, and beginning of production of automatic checkweighers KAT for weighing in motion

2003 – taking over the production of mechanical storage scales STABIL and SKALAR of the LIBELA STANDARD company; establishment of daughter companies in Novi Sad, Podgorica and Sarajevo

2004 – accreditation of the Mass Laboratory and obtaining the Appointment for verification of weighing instruments

2011 – acquiring the Quality System certificate ISO9001 and the Appointment for initial verification of weighing instruments

2014 – acquisition of the Pakman company’s palletising systems

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