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Semi-Automatic Valve Bag Fillers

Semi-Automatic Valve Bag Fillers
  • manual adding bags onto spout
  • with nett or gross weigher
  • for food, animal feed, seeds, grains, construction materials, chemicals, salt etc.
  • capacity up to 800 bags/hour

Valve bag fillers are designed for weighing and filling of free-flow materials into valve bags. We offer different types of feeders that are adapted to all types of materials. Feeders can work in combination with nett or gross weigher.

Our fillers are a product of long-years experiences and development. Their efficiency and accuracy are guaranteed with CE certificates.

Various filling spouts are available and are adjusted to size and type of the bags. Careful design and optional devices ensure high-efficient filling with minimum aeration of product. Bag supporting table is height adjustable and can be either manually or automatically operated. Optional device for ultrasound welding of valves.


Valve bag fillers with nett weigher

a combination of electronic nett weigher for weighing of pre-set material quantity and suitable feeder for feeding the material into valve bags

nett weigher NT50 for accurate filling

weighing range from 5 to 50 kg

single filler capacity is up to 400 bags / hour. For higher capacities two fillers can be combined with a single weigher

suitable for high head room installations

Valve bag fillers with gross weigher

a single device combining gross weigher and one of the feeders

weighing range from 10 to 50 kg

material is weighed during the filling

parallelogram with load cell and weighing controller DPA 3 for high accurate weighing

single filler capacity is up to 500 bags / hour, higher capacities are achieved with two or three fillers

compact design for low head room installations


Impeller valve bag fillers

• vertical or horizontal impeller

• frequency regulator for optimised filling speed

• filler with vertical impeller is designed for bagging of free-flowing powdery materials typically used in construction industry. The design of the impeller allows simple cleaning and maintenance.

• filler with horizontal impeller is designed for bagging of non-free flowing powdery materials. Impeller vent has greater diameter and allows continuous flow of material. Special spout construction and airing system for filling of even the most demanding materials, i.e. titanium dioxide (TiO2).

Screw valve bag fillers

• for tightly packed bags, even when materials contain substantial amount of air

• screw feeder with high spin rate, optimised with frequency regulator for consistent and efficient product flow

• vibrating table for densely packed bags

• product applications: flour and bran

Gravimetric valve bag fillers

• designed for affordable bagging of free-flowing materials

• consists of vertically positioned tube of suitable length and spout at the end of the tube

• regulation of throughput inside the tube for consistent product flow

• product applications: mineral particles, expanded clay, sugar, plastic granules, etc.

Belt valve bag fillers

• designed for bagging of fine and flaked materials (sugar), where structure of material has to be retained

• based on a belt that is installed on rotating drum with frequency controlled motor. The dropping of material from a weigher is controlled with regulatory valve and is transported with high speed into filling spout

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