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Filling Machines for Big Bags

Filling Machines for Big Bags
  • capacity: up to 40 bags/hour
  • for food, animal feed, construction materials, chemicals etc.

Electronic weigher with four load cells and weighing controller DPA 3 are key elements for accurate filling. Load cells are integrated into weighing frame, which is installed on support legs. Weighing frame is equipped with arm hooks. For the best result a suitable feeder is attached to weigher.

We make both manual and semi-automatic filling machines. Manual filling system procedure is as following: manual bag placing onto hooks, bag fixing on spout, automatic feeding into bag, manual closing of bag, elevating and transporting of filled bag with forklift. Semi-automatic system replaces manual handling of bags with hydraulic table for moving bags upwards and downwards. Pallets are automatically added onto weigher. Filled bags are removed with active roller transporter.


pneumatic arms with hooks for simple bag placing

fixing of the bag onto filling spout with pneumatic hooks or inflating rubber ring, which prevents dusting

working platform

feeding range from 200 kg to 1500 kg

capacity up to 25 bags / hour, with two weighers up to 40 bags / hour


vibrating table for densely packed bags

optional model with platform scale with installed system for bag placing onto hooks

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