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Automatic Baggers for Valve Bags

Automatic Baggers for Valve Bags
  • capacity up to 800 bags/hour
  • for food, animal feed, minerals, construction materials etc.

Automatic baggers for valve bags are designed for entirely automatic filling of materials into valve bags. System includes one or more valve bag fillers with gross or nett weighing, automatic bag-on-spout placing device and output conveyer.

Automatic bag-on-spout placing device can support up to 3 fillers with capacity up to 800 bags / hour. Empty bags can be handled from a trolley or automatic empty-bag magazine.

Entire system can be managed from Touch Screen control panel. The bag size changeover is fully automated and simple. Dust removal system reduces dusting to minimum.


automatic nett or gross weigher combined with suitable feeder

high weighing accuracy in the range from 5 to 50 kg for nett weigher and from 10 to 50 kg for gross weigher

weighing controller DPA 3

single or double automatic bag-on-spout placing device and 1 to 4 fillers for achieving different capacities


device for ultrasound welding of valves

inkjet printer for bags

device for bag cleaning and forming

internet connection for remote support

robotic palletisers

stretch hood

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