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Automatic Baggers for Open-Mouth Bags

Automatic Baggers for Open-Mouth Bags
  • capacity up to 1200 bags/hour
  • for food, animal feed, seeds and grains

Fully automatic bagging system achieves production rate up to 800 bags / hour or 1200 bags / hour, when used as a double.

Automatic nett weigher combined with suitable feeder allows high accuracy in the range from 5 kg to 50 kg. Weigher is controlled by weighing controller DPA 3. Entire system is operated from Touch Screen display installed on control panel.

The bag size changeover is fully automated and simple. Dust removal system reduces dusting to minimum.


different types of scale feeders (belt, vibratory, screw feeder) for various types of materials

weighing with automatic nett weigher NT50 that has CE certificate

automatic empty-bag magazine with capacity up to 400 bags

automatic bag-on-spout device

spout with automatically adaptable pneumatic clamp for different bag sizes

device for formation and controlled transport of the filled bag onto sealing device

filled-bags transport system with two transporters (slow for sealing and fast for outfeed)

closing device (sewing, welding) with different options (trimming the top, folding, …)

device for adding declaration labels


double system for higher capacities (two weighers with feeders, two automatic bag-on-spout devices, two spouts)

declaration label printer and empty-bag labelling device

device for adding declaration labels before welding

bag placing and orientation device

internet connection for remote support

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