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Automatic Throughput Weighers

Automatic Throughput Weighers

Automatic electronic throughput weighers are the key element for accurate throughput measuring (weighing) of free-flowing materials. They have CE certificate. Throughput is measured by summation of consecutive weighing of a product, which is fed into weighing hopper by using suitable feeder. They are the most typical solution for grain silos and mills, bakeries, warehouses.

Depending on installation location throughput can be measured at the inlet, outlet or during the industrial process. They can operate in two modes: as a throughput meter, where the summation of individual measurements represents given quantity during the selected period, or as a dosing weigher, which delivers a pre-determined quantity of the product.

Depending on requirements they are equipped with inlet and outlet hopper, and level sensors.

Superior precision and performance are guaranteed with high quality measuring transducers connected to weight indicator DPA 3T. Weighers are connected (Profibus, Ethernet, …) to control system. We offer different application software designed for specific needs.



electronic throughput weigher with hopper is designed for greater capacities

weighing hopper is equipped with inspection door and is installed on load cells

weigher capacity depends on size of the hopper

standard capacities cover weighing range from 10 t/h to 120 t/h

for greater throughput rate we design tailor-made weighers that are adjusted to installation place



cylindrical throughput weigher is designed for simple installation and measuring of throughput inside grain mills

dust-tight construction ensures that material always remains intact for high level of hygiene

weighers are equipped with pneumatic dosing flop

standard variations allow precise throughput measuring at various installation places within the range from 1 t/h to 50 t/h

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