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Semi-Automatic Baggers for Open-Mouth Bags

Semi-Automatic Baggers for Open-Mouth Bags
  • manual adding bags onto spout
  • with nett or gross weigher
  • for food, animal feed, seeds, grains, construction materials, chemicals, salt, etc.

Semi-automatic bagging line for open-mouth bags includes feeder, automatic nett or gross weigher, spout with pneumatic clamps, closing system (sewing, welding) and transport conveyor with lifting mechanism.

Operator manually adds bags onto spout that are automatically fixed and sealed with pneumatic clamps. Material is either filled into bags from nett weigher or is directly weighed into bags with gross weigher. Filled bag is manually directed to closing device.

Depending on material the best type of feeder is selected: gravimetric, vibratory, belt, single or double screw, belt.

Specially designed pneumatic clamps allow simple and fast placing of empty bags therefore the line can be operated by a single operator.


bagging of different types of materials in the range from 20 g to 50 kg

for bags made of all types of materials (paper, plastic, cotton, jute)

different types of automatic or manual closing systems depending on bag type (paper, plastic, cotton, jute)

semiautomatic bagging line with nett weigher

  • automatic nett weigher NT50 with CE certificate
  • achieving high accuracy and capacity up to 500 bags/hour

semiautomatic bagging line with gross weigher

  • automatic gross weigher with CE certificate
  • innovative construction with only one load cell for accurate weighing
  • capacity up to 300 bags/hour depending on material type and bag size


vibratory feeder for fast cleaning

declaration label printer and bag labelling device

device for adding declaration labels before welding

lifting mechanism for transport conveyor

bag placing and orientation device

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